House Sitter or
Home Watch
Similar and Very Different

House sitting is a very intrusive activity allowing people 24/7 access to every nook and cranny of your home. Choosing a Home Watch Service is less intrusive and far more effective.

House Sitting Hawaii or Hale Watch Hawaii?

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house sitting hawaii

House Sitter?

House Sitting Hawaii? Many people think having a “house sitter” to look after your home when you are not there is a great idea BUT the house sitter gets all the benefits and you, the homeowner, gets a stranger in your home 24/7.  They are looking for a place to stay, enjoy their “new temporary home” and Hawaii itself, and be able to say “lucky we live Hawaii” . The LAST thing on their mind is taking care of your home, looking after your interests and paying attention to details of the interior and exterior of your home.

On the other hand, an accredited Home Watch service is a professional home watch service  concerned about the all aspects of your home working from a customized checklist agreed up by you and the home watch business.  Hawaii Hale Watch treats your home as our own and in most cases, even better.  We only access your home to look for items on the checklist paying attention to your wants and needs.  We provide you with pictures and a formal report of when we were at your property and what we found.  Most importantly, we don’t open your medicine cabinet, drawers, check out your wardrobe, sleep in your bed or eat your food.

From a legal standpoint, as an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association, Hawaii Hale Watch is required to have insurance and be bonded for YOUR protection.  House sitting Hawaii means bringing in a stranger who is normally looking for a free place to stay means exposing you to possible litigation if they or someone they bring onto your property get injured. We perform background checks on our employees and conduct in depth interviews that ensures the quality of the person entering your home meets the standards of the people we would let in our own home unaccompanied.  We take pride in our professionalism and helping you maintain your peace of mind.

Hawaii Hale Watch is owned by Oahu residents Martin and Danka Fabiankovicova. Contact us for more information!

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